Facts about whiskey

If you like this drink, it would be interesting to read about it and learn a little bit more.

The largest producer and consumer of the drink is India.

2. Ellagic acid found in malt whiskey is a natural antioxidant that can stop the growth of cancer cells and resist various heart diseases. By the way in red wine also contain ellagic acid, but there it is much less than whiskey

3. During the "dry law" in the United States the only alcoholic beverage allowed in the sale was the whiskey. But he sold "only" medical needs ».

4. Whiskey can keep its flavor for 100 years. Open a bottle - the whole five.

5. 1494 is considered the official date of establishment of the first Scottish claims. This date is marked with a record of the Royal Treasury which states that John Cor bought 500 kg of malt for the manufacture of «aqua vitae».


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