Rat-saving engineers Mozambique

In Mozambique, many years of civil war, so the territory of the country is literally planted mines.
According to the Red Cross every month in the African country of the hidden land mines killed about 800 people, and 1200 maimed.
Clearance - the main problem in the country.
It sets up a special project to help field engineers who are engaged in mine action in the country.

To help people come specially trained rats. The rats, which, incidentally, Mozambicans consume, are useful as non-sappers. On the territory of just 2 square kilometers rats can detect more than 2,000 m, about 1,000 bombs and about 13 000 pieces of weapons and ammunition. Training rats deminers engaged in the Belgian non-profit organization APOPO project called HeroRats. Rats are easily trained, can live up to eight years, their maintenance costs 6,000 euros for the duration of their work on mine clearance.

Here is the process of learning the rat-sapper.

Source: drugoi.livejournal.com


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