The awards ceremony "Silver Shoe"

On Monday evening, June 18, Moscow hosted the awards ceremony "Silver Shoe", which is awarded to the radio station "Silver rain" for the most dubious achievements in show business. This year, the ranks of "doubtful" not joined pop stars, and participants online scandals and goof policy.

Among the award winners turned out to be the patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. Winner of the gold Breguet was awarded the "Silver Shoe" for the immaculate disappearance of hours in the "hands up to the elbows in miracles." During the ceremony, appeared on the scene ally Holiness - Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, which is another way of Chaplin - Charlie - sang with the choir nuns.

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky handed "galoshes" "for the mistreatment of electors" in the "course of a donkey, or a simulation of agitation." Recall that on the eve of presidential elections in Russian policy took propaganda video in which he drove his whip donkey named Proshka.

Press secretary of the movement "Nashi" Christine Patupchyk was awarded "Silver Shoe" for "full ZheZhe." In the category "Soft Press" winners were the former chief editor of "Izvestia" Vladimir Mamontov (for the newspaper "God forbid") and author Arkady Mamontov investigative journalism ("For God knows that in general»).

One of the main fighters against the "orange plague" - Sergey Kurginyan who remembered Muscovites his incredibly passionate performance at pro-Putin rally on February 4 Poklonnaya Hill, was the winner in the nomination "The Magnificent Six, or horsemen of the apocalypse" and was "galoshes" "for the defense of the position foaming at the mouth ».

Petersburg United Russia deputy Vitaly Milon, the author of a bill to ban the promotion of homosexuality, also won the "Silver Shoe" handed to him "for the proposal to abolish homosexuality until 2015».

Tolibdzhon Kurbonhonov, artist laudatory ode to Vladimir Putin called "GDP", was awarded the "Silver Shoe" in the "Deep Throat", "for the most desperate attempt to get Moscow registration».

Note that at the end of the agreed time for the ceremony, "the citizens gathered" politely but persuasively asked to disperse a group of astronauts with megaphones.




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