Starfall: Top 10 most ridiculous and funny Falls Celebrities

«He tried to kill me" - these words joked Jamaican runner Usain Bolt, who brought down the Chinese operator segway down

. Comical incident took place in Beijing, where the athlete has won gold in the women's 200-meter race, and for the tenth time he became the champion of the world. After the competition, nothing suspecting Usain strode along the path, and he was succeeded by a cameraman with the camera on an electric scooter. So television employee so carried away by the process of shooting, that he forgot to watch your vehicle. As a result, the wheel Segway hooked over the side, flew with the man forward and crashed into the runner.

The athlete came out of the situation with dignity.

However, Usain Bolt - is not the only one who found himself in comical situations due to loss of balance. Company to him in this matter can make dozens of movie stars and show business and even politics.

< Katy Perry

In 2008, at the award ceremony MTV's award Latin America Awards American pop singer Katy Perry has arranged a series of falls on the stage. It all began with an impromptu jump into a giant cake, which was part of the program artiste performances. To get dirty in the cream, Katie returned to the scene, but was unable to stay on his feet and stretched out on the floor with his feet.

To help to lose your balance jumped singer musician, but failed at the first attempt to return the girl to the vertical position.

< Madonna

In a similar situation was colleague Katy Perry on shop singer Madonna. Speaking in a long gown at the ceremony of Brit Awards-winning, actress fell down the stairs, on which it rose to the podium.

According to one version, in the fall of the Madonna to blame one of the dancers, who, according to the scenario, was drastically pull off the mantle with the singer to make her appearance more impressive. Obviously, the cape was too firmly fixed. After the fall of the singer hesitated for a few seconds, but then continued to sing.

< Jennifer Lawrence

Because too long gown fell in front of millions of viewers and actress Jennifer Lawrence during the presentation of the award for Best Actress at the 85th Annual Academy Awards. Jennifer stepped on her dress and fell on the stairs just a few steps away from the scene.

Jim Carrey

Very impressive (it is possible that it was scheduled) dawned with the fall of the famous comedian Jim Carrey scene. The actor fell into the auditorium during the ceremony of MTV Video Music Awards Award. Jim gave an impromptu dance with a scarf and ran to the edge of the stage, all of a sudden swooped backwards.

David Beckham

English footballer David Beckham falls not scare - during the matches he had to take off and land more than once. But out of the athlete did not fall often. The most striking case was that of Briton in China at a meeting with beginner players. Dressed in a suit and dress shoes Beckham has decided to show young men how to beat the penalty. And like all athletes did the right thing, but unsuitable shoes played a trick on him.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

And these girls are perpetrated once double dip. comedy stars from Universal «Sisters» Tina Fey and Amy Poehler lost his balance on the stage in Los Angeles, during the ceremony of the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards Award.

Michelle Obama

The embarrassing situation with loss of balance does not just singers, actors and sportsmen, but also a high-ranking person. A good example is the current first lady Michelle Obama, stretching on a ladder with the American singer Stevie Wonder. The incident occurred in 2008 during a rally in support of Barack Obama's run for the presidency.

Prince Laurent of Belgium

And this richly dressed man - Prince Laurent of Belgium. He stumbled and fell in the palace in Monaco, which hosted the wedding ceremony of Prince Albert II and South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock of.

Spanish Queen Sofia

It does not stay on his feet and Spanish Queen Sofia. Her Highness has fallen during the celebration of the Spanish Armed Forces Day in Badajoz in 2011. Climb to the Queen on the photo helps her husband.

King of Spain Juan Carlos

Instability is not limited to the Queen Sofia, and her husband - Juan Carlos. In this photograph of 2010 the king stumbled on the way to the stage at Malaga airport, where he was to deliver a speech at the opening of the new terminal. Fortunately, only Juan Carlos stumbled to a full drop is not reached.

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