Fishing luck

In Volyn fisherman Ruslan Yablonchuk caught a 48-pound catfish, giant, long life-size. In addition megatrofeya, two days fishing Yablonchuk has caught more about 80 kilograms bream, ide and other fish.
With a huge catfish experienced anglers had to fight for half an hour
Under the cut photos of himself catfish!

Ruslan, a fisherman:

- He was not lucky that I was standing on the precipice and several times was able to lift it vertically in the water, but this is not like catfish. And yet, the lead rods, which pecked catfish, can withstand 100 pounds.

When the giant managed to get to shore, the fisherman was so tired that he had to lie down and rest right next to the catch. Giant fish Ruslan share with friends, according to



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