Bathing three-week Amur tiger

Three weeks ago at the Zoo Minnesota Zoo (United States) was born Amur tiger cub. After the mother tigress Angara, refused to look after him, he went to a full charge of the zoo workers.

Tiger Cub fed every four hours, it is very mobile and healthy. The other day he first opened his eyes, and at the same time it the first time a good swim. Touching photos of bathing the baby got into the press and immediately all very much.

Amur or Siberian tiger the largest of all the tigers of the world and the largest of all cats. Their fur is thicker than that of tigers living in warmer areas and lighter color. The area of ​​residence is located in the south-east of Russia, on the banks of the Amur and Ussuri in Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai. Approximately 10% of tigers living in China. Included in the "Red Book».

In the wild tigers has about 350 species, and it's good, because recently there were no more than 20-30. But to the normal abundance of this species feline is still very far.
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