Kazan serval cubs rescued from gum

June 25 in Kazan botanical garden was born charming kid-serval. Parents - Sheikh and Thais - the famous couple at the zoo, and they give birth each year, typically three or even four cubs. However, this year they have only one kitten was born.

According to the head excursion and mass department Laysan Aliyeva, on all animals is bad building, which is adjacent to the zoo, and Sheikh Thais were no exception.
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In the early days the baby was very active, just opened his eyes constantly moving and sucking milk. However, on the eighth day, experts have noticed that the cub became sluggish and sedentary, and his mother was nervous and drag the baby from place to place.

During the inspection of experts found that the neck is glued servalenka used gum thrown in a cage some irresponsible visitor. Cud had to cut wool, but now the calf weaned - Thais it no longer accepts.

Since maternal duties had to take the head of the department Svetlana Kurbashkinoy predatory animals. She cares for him and is round the clock surveillance. Now the baby has recovered and feels fine. The two-week servalenok weighs about 250 grams, and soon they would give him a name.

With its birth due an amazing event - the mother to give birth has become practically on the street, in front of everybody. Thus, visitors were able to observe the first day of the development of the baby. And it really is a unique case, emphasize staff zoological and botanic gardens.

At the end of the tour for journalists, zookeepers Kazan asked to recall through the media the elementary rules for visitors: do not feed the animals, do not touch, do not throw garbage in the aviary. After all, one of the visitors manifested negligence led to the fact that the newborn kitten was left without a mother.



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