Past thundering swept stealth aircraft

Past thundering swept stealth aircraft
Writes Lystseva Marina
It will be 29 pictures, and text.
The most expensive plane in aviation history - hardly noticeable (almost invisible, yeah) B2 bomber was first presented to the public in 1988 after nearly a decade of research and spent 23 billion dollars.
B2 is built on the principle of a flying wing with stealth technology. I have these terrible words at once frightened and begin to understand nothing. Therefore, to write about it will not, because without me there are enough specialists who will be able to talk about this plane and show pictures and inserting phrases that I understand.

2. See the B2 at an airshow in Feyrforde could only on static display, and from behind the fence at a distance of about 10 meters.

3. The plane was in the farthest corner of the statics and get to it, too, was not easy.

4. Harsh military patiently answered questions of aviation enthusiasts, but was not allowed to come closer.

5. mind and not say that B2 is the growth of a little more than five meters and a length of twenty.

6. The two-seat cab climb through the hatch near the nose landing gear

7. When viewed from above resembles a boomerang with the B2 level and the front edge of the rear ramp. The front and rear edges are coated laminate having a honeycomb structure. A cell filled with absorbing materials.

8. Total built 21 aircraft totaling around $ 45 billion - is based on developments. Total per plane goes around a little more than two billion.

9. It is not surprising that the harsh military did not let anyone close to the Two Billionth toy than ten meters.

10. Bottom nothing much to be seen. Only the chassis, and those wrapped in bags.




14. At some distance from B2 was discovered by a lift from which dangled several fotograferov. And I with my press ticket also Rushed to him and raped success. But for me at the end of the post. And yet the image above.

15. See how close spectators are to the runway? A fence is not there. There is only fenced off twine.

16. My escort one of amateurs gave the camera and asked to take pictures of B2.

17. The maximum height.

18. This instance of "Spirit of New York" with tail number 1068 had adopted in 1997. By the way, all aircraft are the name of any US state, "The Spirit of a certain state" and only one is called the "Spirit of Kitty Hawk" in honor of the Wright brothers' homeland - North Carolina.

19. Can not see anything






25. And this is the story about how I was raised. I dress up in climbing equipment.

26. fasten with cable

27. But in shorts Jura Bobrov, who I otfotografiroval. And we met an hour earlier.
And earrings with iPhones.

28. General view of me on the tower and B2

29. Exact Marina.

I have everything, thank you for your attention



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