Bacchanalia religious persecution is gaining momentum

Last Friday, in the infamous Taganrog City Court previously recognized the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy extremist received a statement from the group of Orthodox activists represented by the local parish priest to court.

In the above statement indicates that the transcription tales Carlo Lorenzini "The Adventures of Pinocchio, the story of a wooden doll," ingeniously adapted to Russian Alexei Tolstoy and known throughout the country under the name "The Golden Key, or Adventures of Pinocchio" offends the feelings of believers and incites religious hatred .

As evidence, the plaintiff has concluded conducted a cultural urological examination performed by Orthodox literary scholars and psychologists, in which it was stated that "In the study by experts literary work there are all signs of a deliberate insult to the feelings of Orthodox believers, and the protagonist of a literary work of Pinocchio is a cruel and simply parody Jesus Christ.

In particular, said the father of the character, as well as Jesus, a carpenter. Pinocchio does not sink in water, which makes a mockery of the biblical story of the Savior walking on water.

Strings "Pinocchio sold 30 Soldo their ABCs and bought a ticket to the" girl with blue hair, or Thirty-three Bonk "makes a mockery of the age of Christ - 33 years and 30 Soldo, no doubt, remind us of the 30 pieces of silver received by Judas. < br />
Strings "In the Land of Fools has a magic box - called the Field of Miracles ... In this field, dig a hole, say three times:" Kreks, Feakes, Pecs, "put it in a hole gold fell asleep the ground, on top sprinkle with salt, fields well and go to sleep. The morning of the pits will grow small tree, it instead leaves will hang gold coins "are malicious and vile parody of the miracles of Christ.

Strings "You have committed three crimes, the villain: you are homeless, unemployed and undocumented. Take him out of the city and drown in the pond "is a mockery of the crucifixion of the Savior. After Pilate asked three times if the people of the sentence, and was crucified with Christ, two thieves, and Pinocchio can not drown in the water, just as Christ can not die on the cross.

It is worth to emphasize that the main villain of the literary work Karabas Barabas is offensive caricature of the priests of the Orthodox Church, canonically wearing beards. Beard Barabas is not in the original fairy tale, but there are translated excommunicated Leo Tolstoy, previously recognized extremist by the court, and is his personal revenge on the grounds of religious hatred ».

It is interesting that in the implementation of orthodox literary critics expertise means that the author of "Pinocchio" is not Alex and Leo Tolstoy. Apparently, the "experts" misled the author's name.

As a result, the court ruled that "The Tale creates a negative attitude to the Orthodox Church, and on this basis the public work containing the above quotation can be recognized as one of extremist materials." However postponed the hearing and sentencing on September 3.

But that said, in this regard in an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" President of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation Valery Zorkin: "Human rights are inalienable and are of universal significance. And because it is based on the law as a measure of human freedom, such as publicly insulting the religious feelings of the representatives of a particular faith should be considered an illegal action because it causes moral harm to the followers of the religion, and thus infringes their rights ».

And I think that after such a declaration Pinocchio song sung. And yet it seems to me that Karabas Barabas is really a parody of some Orthodox priests. Because he, too, wanted to burn Pinocchio.



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