Priest on "Mercedes" knocked the boy

The terrible tragedy excited Odessa. Sixth graders at a crosswalk hit by a car.

Four days later, the boy died in hospital without regaining consciousness, and his class teacher, learning the terrible news, she died of a broken heart
Pupil and teacher buried in one day, and the school announced mourning for the dead. There still can not get over what happened.

Fatal road accident happened Saturday afternoon September 8 on a busy avenue Marshal Zhukov, in the place where it crosses the line of the 13th tram. Once turned green for pedestrians, people hurried across the street (at the zebra enable signal for pedestrians - are very short). Pupil 6-A class of 33th school Denis Vorobyov was crossing the road with their parents, but on the roadway, or of childish pranks, or just impatient, a little burst forward, which cost him his life. From nowhere to the intersection at high speed jumped "Mercedes" (behind the wheel, according to witnesses, was the priest of one of the religious denominations) and knocked the child

"All the cars were standing at the traffic lights, and the" Mercedes "in general suddenly flew. The rate was high, the impact was very strong - the child thrown two meters. The driver, a middle-aged man with a beard, ran out of the car, clutching his head. Runs past pedestrians, not even stopping. Then light up green - and our bus went in the opposite direction. The boy lay motionless, as if asleep "- says in comments on a website eyewitness. Child in serious condition was taken to hospital, but in his mind he did not come.

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The teacher Denise doted, and especially - the class teacher Larisa Efimchikova. "A good little boy was, all the while helping teachers, kids, regaled them with something" - says mother classmate Dennis Hope. The teacher went every day to the other end of the city to visit the boy in the hospital, although doctors once warned a chance to get out he actually is not. But the teacher came, despite the fact that she was suffering from high blood pressure and nervous she was contraindicated. "So it was a man - deeply decent and responsive, always thought about others than about himself. At school it secretly called the "hen", because at every turn by her side, like chickens, gather the class to talk "- tearfully recalls former pupil Natalia.

So this time the tragedy with his pupil, Larisa took as his personal. And when once again came to the hospital in the hope that the boy may have become better doctors from the doorway a woman taken aback by the news of the death of Denis. Prior to his apartment she did not get there - died of a heart attack on the doorstep.

The teacher and student killed by eerie coincidence, was buried on the same day, and in 33 minutes the school announced mourning. In the area of ​​memory where to put the portraits Larisa Efimchikovoy and Denis Vorobyov, bring flowers. We stayed Efimchikovoy adult son and daughter and 11-year-old Denis was the only child in the family.

In relation to the driver of "Mercedes" have opened a criminal case under Art. 286, h. 2 of the Criminal Code (violation of traffic rules). If the driver is found guilty, he shines from three to five years in prison and a driving ban. "We have evidence of many witnesses, and the driver did not deny his guilt," - he told us press officer Gorgan Alla Marchenko.

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