10 weapons of office supplies (10 photos)

Inside every man will forever remain a little boy who loves to play cars and of course, never give up to shoot and play voynushki. We offer you a selection of weapons that can be gathered from the fact that you can get caught under the arm in almost any office. You can not even imagine that is capable of fantasy simple office worker;)

Thus, the number 1! For this you will need to catapult plastic spoon, wooden stick for stirring coffee or a pencil eraser, clips and binders (black paper clips). According to the creator of the affected area is 3-6 meters.

Number 2. Meet - double gun. In order to build this miracle of technology, you will need pencils, erasers, binders, tape, clothespins and a holder for the tape. The affected area 2, 5-6 meters.

Number 3. To do this, you will need a crossbow pencils, erasers, tape and a pen.

Number 4. The easiest crossbow that I saw. To do this, you will need to reel tape, gum, and, of course, live ammunition.

Number 5. Here you can make yourself a graceful darts of any color. To do this, you will need colored paper, plain paper clips and buttons for cortical board.

Number 6. As a child of the shooter used all the boys. Because to do it was even easier than ordinary slingshot. To do this, the neck of a plastic bottle, tape, and either a balloon or a fingertip. Very painful shoots rowan and other berries. The affected area - up to 10-15 meters, it's me you by bitter experience talking.

Number 7. Parade crossbows continues. Another simple option for which you need a large paper clip and rubber band. And for the boom - tape, digging and paper.

Number 8. Rubber TEC, as if quite simple, it's just a rubber band with a handle. You are threaded cap for elastic pen so that if the band and pull the release handle, it will fly right on target. The main aim is only good.

Number 9. Double Maul or just one small binder embedded in the binder more. The affected area - about 7 meters.

Number 10. Super Maul - this miracle technology with laser sight! To do this, you need a giant laser pointer, gum and binders of different sizes. With this weapon is better to be careful, as released by well-sharpened pencil breaks tin from the drinks. The affected area - 16, 2 meters.


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