The highest hotel in the world!

The Ritz-Carlton is located in Hong Kong's tallest building, the 118-storey International Commerce Centre. Located on the top floors of the skyscraper and take 102-118 floors. I had a room on the 117th floor, is about 480 meters! The Hotel has 312 rooms ranging from 50 square meters. On the 18th floor, by the way, it is the world's highest bar, which offers the best view of the city.
© Ilya Varlamov

01. skyscraper 490 meters. The tallest building in Hong Kong.

02. Beauty.

03. 29 March 2011 grand opening of the new The Ritz-Carlton with champagne at 1,200 euros per bottle and anemic Chinese women with a neckline to the waist. Bursting with pride president of Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Herve Hamler then stated: "We are raising a new level of luxury in every sense."

04. Since the hotel occupies the top floors of a skyscraper, the reception is on the 103 floor. There guests pick up on the express elevator for 50 seconds. The ears are laid, yes.

05. Here are all the hotel's restaurants.

06. Living


08. Restaurants.

09. Restaurants, in my opinion, was 5.

10. All of them are about the same style.


12. The main feature - a kind.

13. You can dine at a height of 430 meters and look out the window.

14. Breakfast. Breakfast, as befits a 5 * hotel, very decent. Particularly pleased with freshly squeezed juice in individual bottles and a large selection of fresh fruit to yogurt.

15. Someone ordered a drink in your room for a party.

16. On the floor is 118 Ozone Bar.

17. He works in the evenings. Even if you do not live in a hotel, here you can get up to drink a couple of cocktails.

18. The prices are reasonable. Average drink costs 12 euros, beer from 6.


20. There is a terrace on the street with panoramic views.

21. In principle, you can just pick up and shoot here. Many people do so.

22. Go into the room.

23. Corridor.

24. The rooms are different. You can remove the 400-meter two-bedroom apartments for 10 000 euro

25. Can the smallest 50-meter room for 500 euros per night.



28. Of course, the main issue in this window.

29. The view of the city can be

30. Or Victoria Harbour. Of course this type is more expensive.

31. Workplace)

32. Cozy ogolok the window.

33. Bathroom

34. The bathroom has everything you need, even a good comb (bottom in the gold box)

35. Toilet and shower.

36. Bed American Sealy mattress laid out on linen density of 400 threads and feather pillows.

37. The most important thing - each room has a coffee machine.

38. Minibar


40. Every night room bring candy. This is the most delicious candy that I have ever tasted.

41. stationery set.

42. Each room has a 160-gigabyte iPod with music for all tastes. Just answer the question about the theft - When you check your map book the 2,000 euros just in case

43. Safe.

44. On the upper floors there are spa and swimming pool.

45. The pool is small, nothing special, but the view, as everywhere, the magic.

46. ​​Massage do not want?

47. The hotel is really very cool and worth the money. To live a few days at an altitude of 480 is an exciting adventure that you are sure to remember for a long time. If you can not stay here, it is strongly recommended to raise the bar and see the city.

Author: Ilya Varlamov



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