"Flat" House of Moscow

You've heard about such a thing as an Odessa "flat house"? Who was in Odessa, certainly I saw him nicknamed "insole" or "witch's house". Look at what is - from some angles the house with real windows, balconies, windows and lights seem quite flat. React to it in different ways. Someone not yet know the answer to, falls into shock and tormented by the question as live there, someone simply expresses delight and surprise set is not quite good words.

And then it turned out that relatives of Odessa house in Moscow. The two "flat" building located on Presnensky shaft, near the metro station "Ulitsa 1905 Goda".
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1. This is one of the houses. It looks like a piece of cardboard, which rests on the bottom left of the annexe. Shock not, but remember the movie "Shirley Myrli" and fake "terminal" airport "Vnukovo" in the Tula region, or ancient computer games, where the graphics brakes and did not have time to boot

2. In fact, this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčarchitects. Just a corner of the house, as well as in Odessa, sharp. That's an illusion

3. Moreover, only certain places. From other angles no one ever understand why all this is necessary to pay attention to the house

4. There he is, in the distance, and not flat. The house is like a house. But a number - the second interesting

5. As if cut with a knife

6. But it is necessary to move back a little, and the illusion, like the other house, lost

7. The tenant

In contrast to Odessa, "flat" home in Moscow is not as widely known. It is a pity, in our city a little unusual buildings, and most likely to be dull or boxes of the Soviet legacy, and modern kitsch. Sometimes even riding on all spit - securities houses are demolished, giving way to his seat next nonsense, or become soiled restructuring and advertising. Another opportunity to attract a massive interest in the city disappears.

When built the house, could not figure out. That is in sharp corner of the house and there was even some idea, except illusions - too.



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