Birches, snow and decommissioned military equipment

When we got to the entrance of the military base, we have a desire to turn around and go back to Moscow. Clean and well maintained perimeter, painted rigs and anti-tank. A feeling that the base was opened just a couple of weeks ago and it has to come to some important army rank. Little hope of success, we still decided to walk along the fence to make sure that the place is impregnable and we came here in vain.
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01. But it was enough to go around the corner of the concrete fence, the situation changed immediately. Concrete fence, magically transformed, in the old, rotten, and wooden fence. Behind it there were another cemetery military equipment.

02. The further we move away from the entrance, the worse the fence. It began to appear a hole into which you can safely pass without even ducking. Near these holes in the fence, lay bottles of liquor and boxes of army suhpaykov.

03. Once inside, we were surprised by the number of abandoned equipment.

04. KAMAZ, Gaza, the Urals and ZIL, were almost everywhere.


06. On the windshields were glued paper with two types of phrases: "to be written off", "expectation of writing off."

07. Many are waiting in the write-off for a long time.


09. Most of the cars have been closed. In the open, surprisingly, was not the absolute emptiness.

10. Always considered military equipment uniformly colored, and then came across a variety of machines and different camouflage coloring.



13. In the cabins, some of the equipment has already been withdrawn.

14. Instructions on how to open the box.


16. Before this case I had never seen the military abandoned "KamazĀ»


18. trailer with a diesel generator are seen houses. It is adjacent to the territory of suburban areas. Walking through it we saw a very decent stone houses with their foreign cars parked outside with black numbers.


20. Cabins different machines, apparently this is due to different destination of the vehicle.

21. Antenna.


23. The Birches, snow and a huge amount of military equipment. Eh! I love the native open spaces.

24. Towards the base buildings, patterning techniques increases as the probability of run into soldiers.



27. As the elephants, who prefer to die in one place, and these machines come here to write off, from all parts of Russia. This instance of Voronezh, it appears there are no inscriptions on the brakes.

28. Realizing that the longer we are in the territory of the military base, the higher the probability of being caught. And no patrols or sentries, and soldiers who passed through these places AWOL for alcohol and food. So we quietly leave the same way how to get here and go to Moscow.



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