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In 2007, I happened to go on a big and clumsy Chrysler Town & Country, but, as it turned out, the problem was not in it. After several trips to the "ship" in the car it was not so comfortable and cozy: landing on his feet felt the load (although I do not have 30 years). Unfortunately, the budget does not allow this or buy a similar car. Of the other did not want to choose. For a long time I went grim. But over time, funds have emerged.


At that time, the machine I did not have. And at the same time I doubt that it is I want to buy. At the family council chose the Chrysler Town & Country, although the service and the cost of this "iron horse" was specified as the fact that "feed" it will have to pay out of the ordinary worker. The latter problem was solved with the help of gas equipment. Gas consumption is around 15-17 liters in the city and 10-14 (or even all 15) on country roads with a quiet ride on the rules.

As they say on the catcher and the animal runs: a close relative was trying to sell rare at the time the car. And I was glad to become its new owner, because knew exactly which components have been replaced and that had to be replaced.
I got me a copy version of LXI with dark skin, climate control and engine displacement of 3300 cc. cm. As a family car, he paid off completely - easily located 7 people (even fairly well-fed). Provided a lot of different, including the pleasant things: for example, cup holders for every passenger, 4 outlets in different locations, 2 table, DVD, separate climate control for the rear seat, elektrodveri with open button in the cabin or on the key fob, elektrobagazhnik (in many models it is, but I, unfortunately, did not get it).

I came my "iron friend" from Canada. At the time, the car bought at auction broken cars (there were even photos) and the back of the hastily made openly: between the trunk lid and taillights can stick in his hand. Somehow I wanted to fix it, but I dissuaded tinsmith, showing kilos putty that might be necessary, - at tapping of it all would have fallen off. The rear lights were disgusting perekleit, they stood in the water. The rest of the car was very personal.

Managing Town & Country, feel ease and comfort, but at the same time confidence in the American automobile industry. This machine I have more than 4 years! I confess that many times wanted to sell, display ads on different sites. But the day did not take place and how the soul appeared cat with claws sharpened and had to remove the ads.
The advantages of this machine can be listed for a long time. It is easier to talk about small flaws. The first and perhaps the most-most, in my opinion, essential - is typical of the "Americans" weak head light. Prohibited in the territory of the Republic of Belarus Xenon headlight problem not solved, but on account of me are bi-xenon lens. The second disadvantage - not so typical - hoods often easy to rust. For prevention is enough to fill all the gaps hood Movil, as there is moisture. The problem is the rear area of ​​the tube and the air conditioning that our Kulibina just jammed using argon welding. Another weak point may be called stabilizer. Those that we offer are not very reliable - they do not suffice for a long time. Because of this, a knock at the cabin is awesome.

During the operation once I changed pads on kilometrage - oil and filters. The former owner - the coupling on the generator. Under the hood is a reliable "one million", with chain timing. I only have the wires and then unknowingly - out of order one candle. Electrical wiring had to bring to perfection: open circuit motor of the rear washer, open circuit cooling fan, a few light bulbs and lighting boosting sliding doors.
The brake system is reliable, praised by all. I just changed the front brake discs after beating when you press the brake did not eat through, knowing that the weight of the machine considerable and long grooves is not enough. In general, during the operation (since February 2008), put into a car only a means to satisfy their own whims. It is quite pleased with his choice then. And I can not say with certainty that I was just lucky with my friends with Chrysler, too, had no global investments.

The driver - a "royal throne", a cross between a household chairs and armchairs airplane pilot. All buttons and handles are located so that reach them is easy. In this machine, all at your fingertips. The seat is configured as an electrician in different positions, there are pumping back. I think everyone can customize yourself.



Because of the good review passenger, nestled in front, he feels navigator. This often annoys the driver ... The legs are in a position of 90 degrees, which provides full comfort. Seat covers the whole body, and even at high rotation gives it to slide sideways.


Passengers sitting in the rear seats, in my version of the Town & Country also provides a comfortable seating area. Models fresher (since 2004) are worse, but with a big plus - they have transformed interior, that is formed in the floor. Seats are much smaller - in the form of a school chair. Prior to 2004, they are certainly more convenient, but when "folding" the salon should have a free area where you can leave the chair (eg garage). And the spare tire is located under the trunk, not like a "brother" younger - in the middle of the cabin, and it is necessary to climb over the spare wheel under the car. Although this is an amateur.


The average number of review are much worse than even the front and rear. I'm not used to a little dizzy. But in the back row, if it were possible to move the steering wheel, he would have traveled. Before you have views of the runway and steeper best seen at night when all lit panel. With one of the features - DVD - figured out after 3 years, he climbed all the forums. One tried to burn the disc in the American format, NTSC, and it worked. Joy was a lot (just at the time the child was growing up and sit with cartoons became calmer).


Cargo space is also pleasing. I have never suffered from a lack of space and transporting necessary goods of different sizes.

Now, after a long experience in managing Chrysler Town & Country, in the eyes can determine where I could park, and where it is not necessary to climb.

At that time I was not afraid and became a pioneer of American cars of all their friends and acquaintances, who are now not only lovers of cars manufactured in the USA, they are simply baked onto them. That's why I want to share a good impression of Chrysler Town & Country are not just friends.

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