The Chrysler 300 Luxury Edition

Chrysler in January, will present a special version of its flagship sedan 300, performed in the style of Italian luxury. As the statement of the company, the car will feature facilities previously available "only in the most exotic Italian cars." A hint, perhaps, applies to Ferrari and Maserati, owned by Fiat, the parent company of Chrysler. Externally modification Luxury Series easiest identifiable by a chrome grille. Shop the Chrysler 300 Luxury Edition is decorated with the best Italian leather from the Poltrona Frau factory and hand crafted wood. The machine, as promised, will be less costly in the content due to the decrease of 17% in fuel consumption. The debut of a luxury version of the Chrysler 300 will be held in January at the Detroit auto show. The US price for such kind of range from $ 40,145 for the rear-wheel chetyrёhdverku with the V6 to $ 45,245 for all-wheel drive sedan with a 368-horsepower V8.


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