Books on the subject of conservation of the individual in the society

1. "451 ┬░ Fahrenheit" Ray Bradbury
Philosophical dystopia Ray Bradbury paints a hopeless picture of the post-industrial society; This world of the future, where all written publications ruthlessly destroyed by a special detachment of firemen and storage of books prosecuted, interactive TV success is everyone's brainwashing, punitive psychiatry decisively dealt with occasional dissidents, and on the hunt for incorrigible dissidents out electric dog ...

2. "Over the Cuckoo's Nest," Ken Kesey
Randle Patrick McMurphy. The man who served many terms in different prisons. But fate threw him in a terrible place - a psychiatric hospital. At first glance, the hospital more comfortable place than prison. But this is only at first glance. It begins the clash between freedom-loving McMurphy and head nurse midges.

3. "Asketskaya Russia┬╗ Artem Senators / Oleg Logvinov
Education - does not guarantee a job. The work does not guarantee the money. Money does not guarantee the pleasure of life. You all in this country, no one is guaranteed ... For some, it means frustration, and for someone (maybe you?) Opens endless possibilities ...

4. "1984" George Orwell
"The last ten years I most wanted to turn to the art of political writings," - said Orwell in 1946, and to this day his books and articles clearly show how our world can become. Big Brother is still not close our eyes, and some of the same - more equal than others ...

5. "We" Zamyatin E.
In the twenty-sixth century, the inhabitants of Utopia have lost their individuality so that different numbers. They live in glass houses, allowing the political police, called "Keepers" can easily supervise them. All wear the same uniform and usually refer to each other or as "such a cipher. Now the Single State has again granted him happiness, denying freedom.

6. "Fight Club," Chuck Palahniuk
Torments of chronic insomnia and trying to somehow diversify their boring life a clerk in an airplane accident met with Tyler Dardenne, soap salesman with a strange philosophy: self-improvement - for the weak, and self-destruction - the only thing worth living for.
Getting develops a strange friendship, which soon leads to the organization of the so-called "Fight Club." Club, in which the main thing - it is not a victory, and the ability to endure and enjoy the pain ...

7. "The Catcher in the Rye" Jerome D. Salinger
The book tells the reader about sixteen kid named Holden Caulfield. A man with a very difficult character, in a very difficult age, it takes the world in his own way. Dreams and reality, childishness and seriousness - all concentrated in one person. Reading the book, you will plunge into the whirlpool of events, the usual everyday events in the life of the boy. But the way he will meet them, what choice do, what to say or think - will not leave you indifferent. An interesting story about an ordinary American boy, from the famous and talented Jerome Salinger.

8. "... To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee
Atticus Finch, a lawyer and works after the death of his mother alone with two children. He was appointed to defend a black man, is accused of raping a white woman. Against the background of sharp social conflicts depicted in the work, bright and vibrant touches of Harper Lee talks about growing children and shaping their way of life.
An outstanding novel, classics of world literature.

9. "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley
One of the most famous novels dystopia. A sort of the antithesis of "1984" Orwell. No torture dungeons - all happy and satisfied.
People at the plants are grown and pre-embrionariumah (the impact on the embryo) are divided into five different mental and physical abilities of castes that perform different jobs. From the "Alpha" - strong and beautiful intellectuals, existing in a single copy to the "epsilon" - polukretinov, which is available only to the most simple physical work, cloned packs ...

10. "process" Franz Kafka
Waking up the day of his thirtieth birthday, Joseph, under mysterious circumstances, is in the bureaucratic machinery of the judiciary. As if in a terrible dream, psychedelic, Joseph wanders inside the car, trying to change anything in the business, its Process. The whole way of thinking and existence K. inevitable, albeit imperceptibly changed.


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