Pay attention! Made in Germany!

A few years ago on the recommendation of a friend, and under pressure from the seller it purchased the vacuum cleaner. On hearing was the slogan: "Pay attention! Made in Germany!". The device has previously been subjected to repair due to failure of the power button, and, behold, the defect manifested itself again. It will be 23 photos.

Removing the bottom cover.

"Hero for the day" - control board in shot form.

Buttons purchased for replacement.

Fastening the control board. We see that a strong pusher pushes a miniature button, which is the cause of its periodic failure.

Solder the new button.

The height of the pusher from different buttons. To solve the problem and amortization clicks insert cut out of cellular rubber.

Carved insert glued to the button.

Fasten the control board in place. Note: on the one hand, it is fastened screws, and on the other ...

... "Miracle bracket." WTF?!?!?!?! What for?! Riddle ...

We decided to look into the fan ...

O, mein Gott !!! What is rotting?!?!?!?

It rots the body of a centrifugal fan.

Manufacturers, for some unknown reasons regretted plastic or aluminum and galvanized iron put bad. Dust Stoch galvanized and water somewhere nearby!

Lightly brush, collect all back. It was decided to use a vacuum cleaner to the destruction of the fan case, and then take the trash.

The fan is in place.

Before the bottom of the case is very slim and is pricked by a collision with objects of everyday life. Spetskley for plastic has dissolved, poured hot melt from the inside.

Pleased to hatch plug.

The system of filters that is inserted into the "bucket". Note that all air is bubbled through water aquafiltering, and passes through the filter mesh and plastics. The designers assumed to capture fine dust - is unclear. Appointment tubes could not understand.

Dismantle the tube, t. To. Bothered to clean. Doroguschy HEPA-filter "with a bang" replaced the usual foam.

A vacuum cleaner assembly for dry cleaning. "Miracle-valve" is intended to protect the fan from the casting liquid, but in spite of the "finished with a file" projection, which initially did not allow the valve to close the valve did not work for all year, not even once! Grid partitions clogged cat hair in about 10 minutes. In the bucket a vacuum, water boils, flies in the HEPA-filter and through the fan out. The consequences of this are seen in the previous photo. The design of the buckets at each flushing flows is untranslatable folklore to the designers. Elastic band on the cover periodically flew out of the slot was removed and inserted in the new one, the length of the missing was offset pasting inserts of foam rubber.

With the lid closed.

Yes Yes. Locking telescopic tube is made of plastic and stupidly stёrsya. Recommendation: Choose a cleaning vacuum cleaner with a simple bucket to pour-filled and ready to go. In order not to have to pick out each time collected from the floor "good" hands.




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