Arrested №1442

Of course, you know this man. We all know it. There are few people as glorified our country.

But then, in 1938, the investigators tortured him, broke his jaw and concluded soon after threats to kill his wife and daughter,
achieved confessions, hardly thought about the future fate of the accused.
Through the hands of sadists were dozens of colorful characters among investigators was even an unspoken competition: anyone who will break all sign.

Prison Novocherkassk,
where SP Korolev was
from October 1938 to June 1939

Failure at the trial of extracted under torture "confessions", of course, everything is not affected, but the defendant was lucky.
Unknown punitive gear mechanism turned, and initially included in the list of enemies of the people
the first (firing) category, he eventually received a total of 10 years in the camps.

Letter W, S Queen- Beria

On the Kolyma gold mine, our hero has survived an accident. By the systematic malnutrition and scurvy,
bitter cold and exhausting labor, adding terror criminals.
Criminals generally operated with impunity, "enemies of the people" - at their expense liberated "their»
from heavy physical work, robbed rations to eat better.
Trying to "revolt" was a proud single easily crushed into submission.
He became a "wick", he even stopped to drive to work, so he could not walk:
"As soon as the tilt - fall. Swollen tongue, gums bleeding, teeth povypadali from scurvy. "
Does not work - reducing the already miserable rations. Before the unexpected savior,
The viewers talented colleague, appeared moribund goner:
"The unimaginable rags lying terribly thin, pale, lifeless people».

Mine Madyak.

In 1938-1939 there was a very high death rate of inmates, and about a year before they got there the next chief designer,
on Maldyak lyutovali "Moscow team" of investigators, of which cruelty different kind Lieutenant
NKVD M. Katselenbogen (Bogen). Killed hundreds of people.

"Bogen instructed me and a group of friends to carry out the investigation, giving dates three hours to complete 20 cases.
When we complained about it to overwork, he directly ordered the beating of prisoners. Bogen he showed us an example,
He caused one prisoner and beat him with a poker, and then we beat than necessary. A few days later
Kononovich captain came to the prosecutor Meteleva at 2 am and 6 am looked at more than 200 cases,
133-135 of them were sentenced to capital punishment. Prosecutor arrested and did not look to any of them did not speak ».

(NKVD officer from the testimony of Dalstroy AV Garusora).

On the 50th anniversary of Gagarin's flight made a film about Korolev, where they presented him a rebel against the orders of the camp.
In fact, Sergei Pavlovich hardly stand on his feet from exhaustion and was not able to on any rebellion.

Saved his doctor Tatiana Repiev, translated the hospital orderly.

Contact with sharashka Tupolev was and salvation, and the beginning, without exaggeration, the greatest affairs.
But the phrase "slam without obituary" for a long time was his favorite saying.

SP Korolev. 1945

"The eyes, then it [Themis] tied, and will make a mistake today to solve differential equations, and tomorrow - Kolyma».
In 1965, shortly before the death of the designer, he visited his friends on Tupolev sharashka.
Pointing to the guards at the gate, he said, academician, Hero of Socialist Labor twice, said: "You know, guys, sometimes you wake up at night,
lie and think that's maybe already found someone gave the order - and the same polite guards brazenly enter here and throw:
"Well, scum, going with things!» »

Polygon, the end of the 40s-early '50s left: V.I.Voznyuk, S.I.Vetoshkin, SP Korolev

The main achievement of the Soviet Union became the first flight into space. The breakthrough for all of humanity.
The Communists often cited example of Gagarin's flight, to prove the superiority of the Soviet system.

KE Voroshilov presents SP Queen of the Gold Star of the Hero of Socialist Labor and the Order of Lenin for the operation "Baikal", 1956

His death was a heavy blow to the entire industry. The last attempt to save the patient began operation,
which was held by the Minister of Health.
During surgery, the anesthesiologist faced with unforeseen circumstances - to give anesthesia,
it was necessary to enter the tube and operable could not open his mouth wide.
Once broken in the interrogation, the patient's jaw properly fused, and he is always nervous before a visit to the dentist.

Rocket "Sunrise" at the start

Lunar "neck»

The first satellite

But as a designer Korolev took place largely not because of, but in spite of the Soviet regime.
Soviet power it almost rot in the camps.
The circumstances a little differently, and there would be no flight of Gagarin. Pure luck.

With the latest findings of the author do not completely agree (mostly emotions). Publish "as is".



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