As I went to an air show

Hello everyone! Today I visited the factory airfield Falcon and want to share your impressions with yapovtsami.
Generally about whether I want to get there, I was asked the day before the air show, it was dedicated to the 75 anniversary of the flight test facility, the entrance there is by invitation only.
Naturally by such gifts can not be held fate, so I do not be a fool, agreed.
The purpose of the trip was to see the moments of .
Please do not kick for the mistakes in the names of any devices and numbers of parameters, I may be mistaken, filmed on a piece of the fuselage.

Will 51 photos and 1 video.

This checkpoint, mere mortals to go there will not work.

At the entrance we were met with a photo exhibition dedicated to the very complex. I thought it was boring, so it did not take off, but there were a number of models of missiles.
the smallest just something 140kg.

This old migovskoe pilot's seat. Bottom strap that tucks in his legs to during maneuvers they hung throughout the cabin

This is the new chair of K-36DM, as we see the strap left, then a useful thing. Near the head tube 2, while catapulting they are fired to the chair to develop a speed bump and not on the plane of the strap to stretch the legs at the same time. Right hanging hose attachment oxygen mask. Red pens - lever activation catapult girl likes :)

There have already joined the mask.
Luke, I am your father!

Despite the fact that the event is closed, people crowd. All in the MiG-31, but you can sit and touch everything.

Small airplane model I do not know

Another small plane Yak.

And yet, with the German flag, can trrofey? :)
In small not allowed, you could just see the outside.

Now we come closer to moment. Remember missiles in the beginning? Here are mounted one below the other side.

Remember at the terminator was minigun? There are better! Aviation six-barreled 23-mm automatic gun Gatling scheme
See to the right of the window of the protective cover triangular bottom - it opens and starts out bang-bang-Atata. Vision and contour drum cartridge 260.

Again, remember the model rocket. On the bottom MIGU hung another 4 missiles, such as R-33, each weighing 490kg. Mechanism which falls on the photo, the rocket fires back, and at the expense of the starting mechanism enertsii returns

Right in the photo thing that slows the airplane on the runway. And I thought that the wheel got out.

Here is tselindr in the center - teplopelengator. He pushed down and stosoben detect targets at a distance of 40 km. A 4 figulinki around him - velocity meters. When I asked why 4 responded suddenly 3 will fail? Well, let it be))) lights on the front wheels, for him, we determined whether the plane sits down, or you'll fly over the heads :)

This air intakes, now you understand why they are so big.

This nozzle. Flame length can reach 15 meters. MiG-31 can reach speeds of up to 3000 km / h.

Above the nozzle compartment parachute, he revealed on landing. Bottom worth jack. If the plane take off a lot detalek, he can "sit on the ass." Because we do not need it, right?

Someone looking airshow directly from aboard the destroyer. Lucky ...

These strange things need to warm up the engines when not mowing trees, but someone behind them smoked or hiding from the sun. By the way, you can not smoke at the airport, understood?)

And the thing needed to make a plane without electricity anywhere. By the way there are, and mobile systems, electricity suddenly end) What the red pipe in the shape of a cross, I do not know what it is?

Someone to drift!

This hole - wear indicator.

This Yak-40 aircraft for local airlines. Short- and medium-haul is already Yak-42 - it broke the team Yaroslavl locomotive (((
Let's see what's inside

Pass for travel!

For me, the cabin of passenger planes are the same: a bunch of switches, appliances, 2 steering wheel, pedals and 4 large lever in the middle! When touching the wheel or press pedal'ku outside deflected control surfaces. Outside looks funny because all the cool them from the end position to the extreme.

Each pilot has yet to fan

And even armrests! Red button below - to extinguish the fire.

Radio control on the steering wheel. Krutyak!

And on the ceiling looks like an emergency exit, no?

Portholes already nipped

Turn big, you have to stand for 20 minutes Adults Children worse - do not pull out of the plane)

Apparently a special camber

The center of a hundred dokinesh?

In fire his observation post. Children and their chosen car

And this machine with the fuel goes refueling

Suddenly flew right over the heads of il76, I fear ... barely felt the camera. When such a large object sweeps over the head - that's impressive! 90 tons when empty. Jokers pilots)

In the meantime, all stood in a stupor, I climbed into the cab instant 31. This site commander, it is from the front. Rear gunner is the place.

Actually I was interested in only one question, how to shoot ??? Here is the front hook the wheel tilts downward, published diabolical laughter and clicking on it rocket started up in battle.
And right at the helm of the same hook gun.

On how many missiles will shoot one, two?

This place gunner. Next look at him hard. And why?
By the way the co-pilot ride costs somewhere mp 400-600. for 30-40 min, and will be given a record of your frightened eyes after aerobatics)))

Top view

On the roof of the cabin, too, is the instrument, but the name out of my head (

Then came the press

Heels on the fighter. YaPovtsy who would vdul?

By the way this aircraft participated in max 2007, now he can not fly. In theory it is possible to restore and use more
In his nose (the one gray) is radar - airborne radar.

The rest of the MiGs would hardly recover. By the way, those that fly on jiffies Airshow, cabins secret and look there at least one eye will not work.

Fans master Yoda Sticker doing this.

This mi8. He modifications more than tuned version of the machine from AvtoVAZ

I also managed to get into the main building. On the roof of dispatch, but there we are no longer allowed, as the show is over.

But it was possible to have dinner, a fun 150re. So vkuuuusno !!! For pilots after the flight has a recreation room and billiards.

Unfortunately, the beautiful photos of aircraft in flight I did not succeed, and the video is not as interesting to watch as a living. I think that, anyone interested can see on YouTube. Those who have not been to an air show - highly recommend. The main thing do not forget sunglasses to look at the sky and the cap so as not to burn
I ponravilav "Cobra" - a figure higher pilotazha



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