Insult the feelings of believers in the Olympics.

Dmitry Medvedev as head of the Russian government demanded urgently strengthen criminal liability for so-called extremism. This initiative will touch four articles of the Criminal Code - 280 ("Public calls for extremist activity"), 282 ("inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity"), 282.1 ("organization of extremist community") and 282.2 ("organization of activity extremist organization »).
The new object of persecution - the Olympic Games in Sochi. In Moscow, St. Petersburg and Perm hosted the exhibition «Welcome! Sochi 2014 "Krasnoyarsk artist Basil Slonova. The artist ingeniously and laughed heartily over the stifling pathos PR this landmark sporting event. The result was a check, which is now carried out the prosecutor's office of the Perm Region and the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs - in the film where the evil scares Cheburashka Olympic skiers, in all seriousness saw extremism.



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