30 years ago, the release of "Kill`Em All"

Exactly 30 years ago on July 25, 1983, the market entered the debut album of the band Metallica "Kill 'Em All". As we already know, watching anniversaries, I started recording the album on May 10 and ended on May 27. For his recordings have been allocated little money. Since the start of sales, «Kill 'Em All» went triple platinum; In the US alone it has sold more than 3 million copies.

The band wanted to call the album "Metal Up Your Ass", as well as a year earlier released their demo, and on the cover of the toilet bowl to represent a raised lid and sticking out his hand with a dagger. But the company "Megaforce" insisted on, to change the name, justifying this by saying that the name will not contribute to the commercial success of the album, after which the band chose "Kill 'Em All". The idea of ​​the original name came up when Burton Megaforce representatives did not agree with "Metal Up Your Ass", Burton angrily said, "Why do not we just kill them all?". According to another version the name came as a variant of the favorite phrases Cliff "Fuck 'Em All". On the original album cover was a picture of the shadow of hand, letting go the bloody hammer. However, the original name was used as inscriptions on T-shirts. T-shirts "MUYA" produced so far in large quantities!
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