Moscow sky-high

Writes Dmitry Chistoprudov:

As I said, now I work as a welder at the Ostankino TV tower. At night, our team changes the panoramic windows on the 337 mark, and deal with associated routine. This work is interesting and not dusty - beautiful views of the city, and all the dust the wind blows. On every shift I take a camera - at the height of the weather is unpredictable and full of surprises. As an example, recently, in the prevention of hours when I skidded on the 470 th mark for meteorologists to Moscow dropped low clouds. There was a strong wind monotonous. Ragged clouds hastily floated above the city center, touching the high-rise and the stars of the Kremlin towers. This Moscow I have not seen ...
Under the cut 29 photo

1. In place I arrived an hour early in hopes to catch a beautiful sunset.

2. A small hole in the hopelessly tightened sky, the sun just for a moment illuminates pieces of areas and again hidden in the clouds.

3. Rays made their way more and more rarely.

4. City and is highlighted.


6. rezhimku could not shoot, so I had to go to work.

7. Large very big panorama. Increase and search their homes.

8. 6-minute exposure.

9. After midnight, when the tower came attendants and released the winch in the antenna part, I climbed the 470 mark.

10. We had to weld the new mounts for blocks of radio transmitters. Works just half an hour.

11. I did not even noticed that the center of the city close clouds. The wind was blowing so that the use of a tripod did not make sense. All photos taken with it at a high ISO.

12. I quickly got out of a backpack and a camera lens. In the rush putting the lens popped back from the hands of the lens cover, rattled the bars on the floor and flew off into the city. For now, cap!

In the picture you can see the Moscow-City, the TTC station near Leningradka and running, Savelovsky Station.

13. In the foreground Theatre of the Russian Army, left the street and Gravity Tsvetnoy Boulevard. In the center - the Kremlin.

14. Prospect Mira, Rizhskaya overpass TTR and a billion ways to Leningradsky, Yaroslavsky and the Riga station.

15. Meteorologists said that on this night it was possible to observe three levels clouds. What kind of - I forgot.



18. At some point the clouds and flew up our tower.


20. Gradually come to the dawn of time. We had to go down to the antenna in order not to receive a dose of radiation. Hours preventing an end, and soon had to turn on the first transmitter.

21. Great views of the farewell and descent.

22. slatted floor. And where is now my lens cap? Only the wind knows.

23. During the 40-minute descent weather pomenyalas.Otmetka 340 meters.

24. Moscow City at dawn clouds.

25. Triumph Palace.


27. The view from the outdoor balcony to nowhere.

28. Somewhere below visible houses.

29. The final panorama.



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