Onslaught on nature. Steppe and fishing

Friday-Saturday, decided to escape to nature, to spend the summer, fishing, and if you're lucky, and shoot ducks. It was decided to go to Lake Balkhash in the flood or about 300 km from Almaty, of which about 40 on the road.
So, what we have:
 - 6 people, 1 Chinese (decided to take with him, he never went to such events.)
 - 2 Toyota (LC 105 and 4runner) and 2 ATV, almost neobkatannye
 - Rifles and fishing rods
 - Food and drink (beer, whiskey, vodka)
Oh, and most importantly, it's awesome mood and two free days!

Looking ahead:
Home brushed taken 17 kg of fish. Game not to shoot, but beat the targets)
57 photos, the end will tell

1. Early in the morning, 4:30 to leave the base

2. We stopped at the gas station, burst into the eyeballs, I do not get enough attention from others. Hug me and sundry. ATVs and tucked a couple of cans just in case.

3. All fixed to the trailer.

5. The road in the desert crossing flocks of sheep, goats and other livestock - the morning grazing.

7. gloomy sky over the steppe

8. The first hundred passed, stopped to check the hitch on the trailer, and empty their tanks.

9. Road, view the trailer

10. Such is the manual ... well, well))))

12. Border dawn and night clouds

13. Another stopping and checking the track before Congress

14. Steppe, saxaul)

15. View from the curb

16. Have revealed a leaking cans, along the way we have punched her trailer. We decided to pour petrol on the machine, do not disappear as good, and safe ... a spark, and p *** y trailer!

18. Fretwork "eagle" serves as a reference: 10 km exit roads

19. Here it is the nature of the steppe! Began the lake, then about five thousand!

20. Young bulrush

21. Such are the spills

22. A puddle of mud

23. Easily passed)

24. Il readily stick to the "sneaker»

25. The view from the dune

26. Another

27. Lake

28. The sky and the wind

29. advise where to stand

30. Rented equipment from the trailer. Actually I)

31. Another

32. On the hill

33. Put the rod

34. Humor)

35. In the meantime, prepare kebab

36. Another

37. motortechnique interest poissyak, all are busy

38. They ate, drank, and raced!

39. Pomeroy swamp and began to chase cows across the steppe

40. nishtyak with trunk

41. Persons in the mud, but the mood is no limit

42. First fry

43. Landscapes

44. Exploration of the duck for Vecherki

45. The break-in are - Normal flight

46. ​​Evening

47. "The time has come oh * itelnyh stories»

48. He began to peck carp

49. Sazan allowed to ear

50. biting began sickly

51. Bon appetit - ear)

52. On the morning of the next day. Roach allowed on a skewer

53. Here zmeygolov!

54. He

55. The common carp and other

56. Georgia home

57. Garbage all burned, bottles and cans were taken in batches to the city! That's all I wanted to say! Kick!

Fota on the float, sorry)
(missing photo does not fit ...)




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