Beauty requires sacrifice (15 photos)

Many stars do not regret their feet and paying for long heels.
As the saying goes: "Beauty requires sacrifice».

At the feet of the famous Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz primarily attract attention Curved middle fingers. According to the surgeon, this defect is easily corrected by surgery.

Kate Moss legs mutilated years of walking the catwalk: twisted and bent inward like fingers suggests that the model for a long time wearing shoes smaller than required. As a result, the finiteness of the famous "British Rose" cause fear and horror.

Tilda Swinton - also a victim too tight shoes. On his feet up the side of the actress bones, and it is a sure sign that the soles of the stars too closely in her shoes. Over time, this problem will progress - in severe cases, patients even have to sew shoes to order.

Sarah Jessica Parker has become famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the series. The main thing that Carrie has always been high-heeled shoes, with whom the actress has not parted to the present day. Protruding veins - a sign that the actress should finally keep feet and move to a more comfortable shoes.

If you naively believe that Hollywood divas groomed from top to toe, look at the limb Elizabeth Hurley. The British star, it seems, did not bother to care for the feet - her toes and heels decorated with corns and nails in an ugly state.


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