Five Rules of Direct Requests

5P - Every woman memorize by heart and tell mom and daughter!
How much can you repeat! Girls, especially for you! To remember once and for all!
How should I ask the men? To them it was a pleasure to fulfill your request and you make happy:

1P - Wait!
Choosing the right moment! Do not just call him to a meeting, or tired and hungry hint about something.

2P - Right!
Without it, "And would you, or for a long time we have something no where did not go for a long time or have garbage will stand here?" - Honey, taking the garbage, please!
 - Treat me, please!
 - Open to me, please, this bank, I did not get.

3P - Obviously!
No hints - clearly say what you want and when! Location, size, color, quantity, date, time, etc. All details! Do not expect that he remembers the date of your acquaintance, or remember the first time your DR He grabs his affairs. Remind him about it, he was not out of malice!

4P - Pleased!
Emotionally, not styasnyayas show honest emotion from the heart! Jump and blink, beep and genuinely enjoy the opportunity to get it. Show honestly as you please!

5P - just!
Forgive him if he forgot once, could not have ignored and is not the first time your request. You did all that was required of you! Let go, let him not the first time you hear ... do not allow him to cope!

(2P and optional: - request must be feasible and true! Do not ask the Castle tomorrow, especially if you do not really need the optional :) Why - because you have to believe in your man that he will cope with any challenge.

Example 5P.
Honey, of course you remember that tomorrow is my dob I chose a cool shoes, trying postponed - I they go! Vnih I will be for you very sexy and SAAAMOYYY SCHASTLIIIVOY woman in the world (jump pischish and blinked in lodoshi sincerely sincerely showing his delight) Here's the address, you can pick up at any time from 10 to 21:00! Or you can on your taste. In general, of course, I'll be glad to any gift from you! You're my best.

Example 5P:
Darling, take me, please, in 8 after work. I'll send smskoy address. Very, very, very I missed you ****. And if not, do not worry, she'll get.
(And if it does not work - very quietly going on the subway, and he had never recalls that he was a lazy bastard :)

Guys! They do not know! And I do not believe! If you agree and honestly want to be offended, and they stopped us to take out the brain, and asked exactly click Like! ;)




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