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Here sobstno own terrarium. Immediately I apologize for drawing of an owl ... But it pasted before guessed sfotkat (so the description in letters.
The stall "cut glass" from Ogryzkov glass industry have been purchased by the glass cutter ordered size (if anyone is interested, I can give and sizes, but this is not essential, because imagination is boundless)
Just bought an ordinary transparent sealant that and pasted this miracle.
All edges have been ground off bar for sharpening knives (lying around since the days of the Soviet Union), it turned out even very beautiful, rounded edges.
Next marker marked placement of all components. A thin layer of alcohol degrease all work surfaces)))
A common sealant gun, slowly glued all the parts (try the hot plastic, glass surfaces poorly kept). And waited hours to complete solidification.
At the market were bought two curtains, furniture, interesting latch design and a small handle for doors) kleilos too on the sealant.

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That something like that in the clear)

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I bought a little glue paper for cultivation angles.

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Here latch - open ...

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... Closed)

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Curtains and furniture. It looks good and does not need to drill!

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There was a question of ventilation, were simply offers nasverlit holes, but go shopping solution was found))
That's what it took to create a vent:
30h100 see grid (purchased in store)
2 meter aluminum plate (2 cm wide) - honestly steal at work)
tin snips - bought a new farm in handy)
pliers - old found in store
Roulette - for accurate measurements on the eye)
a newspaper - priceless!

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With the help of tools and some kind of mother got this miracle.

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Is ergonomically merged with the device by the same sealant)

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Excess sealant has been removed with a knife, in the reflection of his legs washed, trimmed nails: P

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in the open state

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And here is the tenant, was purchased at the show and lived in a plastic box. The eldest daughter saw called him - PCF, and began to call this miracle))

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I decided to hand over the entire run.

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By the way, this is his first foray out of the box to the surface)

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While the PCF crawling; P edge homes were neatly plastered film, placed inside the coconut, which we have adjusted when buying a pet and a couple of coconuts, purchased in the market and eaten by a pregnant wife))
Inside, the ceiling stuck red tape diode 3 Flashlight (read that spiders do not see the red light) for spying in the dark, when it is more active.
Instead of the transformer found an old charge by phone matarolla, even though the voltage and less than desired, but a number of lanterns enough.
There was another version of powering on the crown, and so will descend)

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We made a test run of the new tenant in the mansion as he immediately crawled under the coconut and immured output: P
We decided not to touch, let settles)

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It looks like a device from a different angle)

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That's actually all. General view of housing, pauchёk climbs at night and actively hunt, the red light did not prevent him, in time to throw up the main victims for eating)))
I still can kick)



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