On the initiative of deputies ban show

On the initiative of the deputies of the ban in the movies alcohol

To me as a psychiatrist and former narcologist on to say absolutely nothing. The only effective way to combat alcoholism as I see it, to totally replace all the deputies. To this place the people sat down and began to work. Who thinks his head, and who do not have the elements beginning of dementia.

For Alcoholism - a social disease, if you, comrades deputies do not know. Drink out of despair, injustice. It is necessary first of all to provide people with jobs and children to take at least something. Make them available to sports. This is a banal truth.

Let's ban the show alcohol in films, while shops will score all sorts of varieties of the same vodka in different glass bottles?

On this subject I could write and say a lot. Just all a long time ago said.

© Andrei Bilzho



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