China landed on the moon

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Chinese research station "Chang'e-3" with Lunokhod "Yuytu" on board successfully prilunilas Mare Imbrium on the near side of the Moon.

Almost immediately deployed solar station. Descent moonwalker "Yuytu" on the surface is expected in a few hours.

In the final stage of landing station led burst shooting cam surface downward:
Landing was scheduled in the Bay of Rainbows (Sinus Iridum) - large crater flooded uniformly solidified lava. This is far from the landing sites of American and Soviet stations, so there's hope that the Chinese lunar rover will be able to inspect them. The radius of its activities does not exceed a few kilometers, while the nearest Lunokhod-1, about two hundred kilometers.

Two hours after landing published the first color image of the surface. Perhaps they have not calibrated the white balance, so the moon has turned red. Wait until the picture is of the Earth. Although there is a version that this color is selected from the moon according to the ideology of the party (just kidding).

Upd .: How could identify users American Forum of videos during the landing of the descent vehicle, Chang'e-3 "missed" and sat down at about 400 km east of the center of the Gulf of the rainbow. So now more correct to say that he sat down in the Sea of ​​Rains (Mare Imbrium).

Animation camera shots landing:

And, a few hours after landing, the rover down on the lunar surface:

And transmits the first landscape:

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This difference in color rendering frames with the lander and the rover itself, seems to be explained by differences in the white-balance settings. What kind of camera displays colors more objectively we know when the two will make photos of the Earth. Please note that the picture can not see the stars. This portion of the claim to the staff that made the astronauts on the Moon. However, the explanation for this phenomenon is not a worldwide conspiracy, and that the stars are too dim, and if you configure the camera to shoot the stars, the moon's surface will be marred.

I hope China will actively cover the activities of its lunar rover, and I'll try to talk about his successes.




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