How to create artificial islands in Dubai (14 photos)

Dubai has built an artificial island, which will be located commercial and residential real estate.
Another ambitious project.

Dubai - member state of the United Arab Emirates - sand, as you know, more than you need. However, the sand taken from the desert, covering the Arabian Peninsula, is not suitable dtya construction of artificial islands - he too shallow. If you offer the services of a tourist beach, poured out of him, he does not like them. Yes the sand and did not hold out on the beach - the wind carries it easily from place to place, so that the sand for artificial islands brought from the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Special vessel with a giant hose pumps in their holds sand shallows of the bay. Then it is delivered to the coast of Dubai and construct from it the island. The same ship pours a small hill to the bottom of the sea - this is the bottom layer of the future islands, their foundation is strong enough. It continued to dump the sand from the hold of the vessel, scattering it with a pump on a high arc.


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