Chinese dragon and the Russian Bear vs USA

Of the latter, the United States will continue to poison novostey.Esli Russia, China will require the US to pay its debts in gold, and that the collapse of the world economy, and America itself.

In 2001, Jiang Zemin and Vladimir Putin signed the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and fraternal cooperation. Deciding to work together, Russia and China have increased their chances of a successful opposition to the three centers of power (the United States, Japan and the EU). Russia and China have jointly implemented an economic method of "Chinese drop", capable of destroying in the subsequent years, an enormous American military force.

US debt exceeds 16 trillion dollars, which is more than 100% of GDP. China holds most of the US debt - about 2 trillion (equivalent to three-year US defense budget). If China put the borrowed funds, the US economy would have collapsed.

In 2005, Vladimir Putin has introduced a new strategy to increase gold reserves of Russia. Russia was the main buyer of gold in the world market for five years, doubling its gold reserves. Russia is now the fifth largest monthly buying gold at $ 500 million.

The Chinese have an eye on the 8133 tons of gold, which are in the US banks and are 74, 5% of the total foreign exchange reserves. China demands the gold in the account of US debt. China wants to launch a new currency, which would be an alternative to the dollar and would have to provide gold. To this end, China has begun to repatriate its gold reserves in Switzerland, London and New York.

Beijing signed an agreement with more than 20 countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Japan, etc.), Which recognize the yuan official currency of international transactions to the detriment of the dollar. For the US dollar, this means access to the part of the international financial market.

For the US, there was not a loophole, and all they can do - is to delay the predictable result. Now they need to strengthen its presence in Southeast Asia, in spite of the budget cuts. So the Pentagon is obliged to allocate resources in this area from other areas (than USPACOM).
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