The most beautiful in the world zabroshka

It zabroshka.
Yes, that's right!
All of these incredible colors of the water, crazy texture pitted salt pillars and cosmic landscapes - not that other, as the fields for cultivation zabroshennfe ... salt!
And, of course, the most beautiful in the world zabroshka is in the Crimea!
23 photo source.

2. This story will be more photographic than text, so as to talk specifically about what.
These places need to see and show.
Once, in the Soviet era, is the salt extracted by industrial method for the chemical industry.
It was called "brine."

3. All of these salt fields have a clear geometric shapes - squares. Between them they separated ground jumpers, where today one can see the remains of wooden structures that were once a special platform for the movement of workers.

4. Today there were only eaten much salt poluistlevshiye bars, and once they supported the board, which not only went to the people but also move machinery.

5. In the fields in addition to the decking, in some places also organized special flow chute through which the supply and vice versa assigned water from certain areas.
The principle of the salt fields was simple - fed salt water very low level, and then it naturally evaporates, leaving the salt on the ground.
Who could only collect

6. All gateways long time ago do not work, because water moves from field to field as she pleases

7. Gateway

8. Red water gives dyunaliella unicellular algae that lives in highly salty water and under certain environmental conditions begin to multiply very rapidly, making the water deep red

9. Landscapes are truly fantastic - one side is bright red water, the other - blue, white and black mud

10. Wooden structures from the effects of salt and time appear cosmically

11. standing pillar of salt, like soldiers

12. Rows of separating structures

13. Yet the most impressive here - fields themselves

14. In some places, the bars go straight into the sky

15. At the dawn of the spectacle is particularly impressive

16. Some columns so overgrown with salt, that are like salt flowers

17. Remember the photo №10? The same, but not on the background of dirt and water on a background of red and white salt

18. Salt mushroom

19. Kilograms now anyone unnecessary salt

20. The teeth of the dragon

21. Rainbow over the salt fields

22. The explosion of the sun from the clouds

23. The island again rainbow



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