10 interesting facts about traveling in an airplane

Did you know that men tend to fall in love at first sight with the flight attendants more often than representatives of other professions (wives as interesting), or that the pilots often fall asleep during the flight, and maybe you've always been interested to know what they eat? The answer to these and other interesting questions you can learn from this post.

. Drinks in the air seem tastier
Have you ever about why being on board the aircraft, from beverages people prefer to drink is not particularly popular in the land of ginger ale or plain tomato juice? Let's start with the first one. Ginger ale is considered the best remedy for nausea, so for those who suffer from airsickness, this drink is simply irreplaceable salvation. In addition, many people claim that ginger ale in the air has a pleasant taste, but with tomato juice to it, of course, does not compare. Scientists have conducted several studies and found that when we are in a low-pressure (such as in an airplane), our senses are sharpened and allow us to enjoy the sweet taste of fullness tomatoes.

Stewardesses = love at first flight
It sounds strange, but it's true. Studies show that men fall in love at first sight with the flight attendants more often than representatives of any other profession (even waitresses and strippers). Perhaps they are attracted to women in the form of, or the whole thing in mystery and the ability of the flight attendants make you feel like the king of the universe ...

Airlines use strange methods of saving money
In the context of increasingly competitive airline has to look for ways to save money in order to cover at least part of the costs. In the 80-ies. Twentieth century. American Airlines «American Airlines» found a simple yet highly effective way to reduce costs - put in salads, served on the board for one olive smaller than usual. So she saves about $ 40, 000 a year. And not so long ago, the largest low cost airline in Europe «Ryanair» media came under fire for being demanded from forgetful customers for printing boarding passes and even disproportionate cost forced the pilots for higher fuel efficiency to fly a little slower. There are also rumors that the company also plans to introduce a "standing" seats and charge for the use of a toilet on board.

The air in airplanes is cleaner and fresher
One of the reasons why people do not like to fly in airplanes - is the fear of ill. Strictly speaking, there is a myth that the air breathed by passengers on board, is unfiltered, recycled and filled with germs. This is not so. The air in airplanes is probably the most pure and fresh air that you breathe ever, and filtration systems installed on airplanes, the same quality as those used in hospitals and clinics.

Wildcats takeoffs and landings
The probability that during the flight the plane is broken, is extremely small. But there are times when the aircraft is close to the disaster, more than ever, and you should be on the alert: the first three minutes after take-off and the last eight minutes before descent and landing. At this time it is better not to relax and fall asleep, but quite follow all the flight attendants and keep under review the emergency exits. Better safe than sorry ...

Pilots can sleep during the flight
Yes, you read that right. Pilots can actually sleep during the flight, and it happens more often than you think. How is this possible? All thanks to the automatic control system aircraft (autopilot), and, of course, the presence of co-pilot. However, there were occasions when both pilots fell asleep at the same time, and even with a tragic outcome ...

Turbulence is becoming more dangerous
One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you during the flight, is the turbulence. Stewardess urges all passengers to take their seats and fasten your seat belts and the plane begins to shake violently. However, not so much afraid of turbulence, as the consequences of wrong behavior of people in this situation, as evidenced by the fact that one of the leading causes of death in an aircraft is unfastened seat during turbulence. However, you are right, if you still think that the turbulence - a dangerous thing. Studies show that due to the high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere turbulence will occur more often and is more intensive.

Mile-High Club
Officially, the club «Mile-High Club» does not exist. This term brings together people who have ever had sex on a plane, certainly located at an altitude of more than 1, 5 kilometers above the earth. According to rumors, the sensations produced in the process, are incomparable to anything, so sometimes the expression «mile-high club» translated as "in seventh heaven", a sort of subtext.
Join the club «Mile-High Club» can be anyone, no rules and restrictions. However, if you and your (a) boyfriend / girlfriend linger too long in the toilet of the aircraft, having built a long line at the door, the flight attendant will politely ask you to come out and take their seats in the cabin. Ignoring this request threatens a fine or detention for improper conduct.

What to eat pilots
Perhaps you will become suspicious of the food served on board the aircraft, if you learn that the pilots do not eat them. For them, prepared separately, by a completely different technology. The reason? To minimize the likelihood that the pilot is sick, staying directly in the air.

Dead bodies ...
Do you want to - believe it or - no, but because of the high cost of transporting the bodies of the dead in air transport (about $ 5 000) people come up with all sorts of tricks and gimmicks to quietly smuggle the body on a plane. For example, a passenger from Miami tried to sneak aboard the airliner to cover clothes, which was the body of his mother ...

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