Excerpts from the Japanese textbook "Russian Language in Pictures"

Excerpts from the Japanese textbook "Russian Language in PicturesĀ»

So the Japanese are studying the Russian language. Methodically it is as simple as shingles on the cobblestones - first proposed some stable Russian expression, then the picture is drawn under it.


And then gives examples:

- As if the two of homosexuality.

- What nonsense!

As you jump yesterday with a dynamic rope?

That's cool. But we do not naprygalis.

The girl, accompanied me to the dance.

Get out!

The young lady, let's get acquainted.

Get out, you do not want to know.

Lend me the money, I will buy a car.

Get out of here!

I go where you go.

Do not bother us.

Can you help me clean the room?

I can not. Look what wanted!

Help me to wash socks, I'll buy you lunch.

Do not tell me about it, erase itself.

I'm hungry, I want to eat.

Do not talk in vain! Rather Work!

I have a passion for smoking, I want to smoke a cigarette!

Mom, I want ice cream!

Do not bother me, just know that there is.

What abundance! Not if I treated ourselves?

Fuck off you!

They say you won the lottery.

What are you, come to your senses! Where is happiness fell on me?

I love you, I die for you.

You go! Only the features you will believe.

I Vesma obliged to you for your good intentions.

Why are you again started to drink wine?

I do not interfere in my affairs. I want to.

Do not smoke, you can?

No Dolby endlessly!

Why is your wife so violently?

I can not stand it! We wait and see.

You just look like a scapegoat.

Yes, I can no longer tolerate. I will leave my wife.

What are you tormented?

Do not pay any attention to me, I'm not in the spirit.

When we have a wedding?

I'm tired of it. Let's talk about something else.

You want to go at home abroad for further development?

You bet!

You Wait a minute, as I now teach a lesson to you!

Wait and see. This is not over between us.

What's for dinner tonight?

Do not interrupt, we are talking about serious matters.

What a nice weather today!

Do not interrupt, you have not returned my money taken from me.

Why did he takovskih?

Do not grumble.

Be calm.

Do not come to me, and then I will jump out of here!

Do not worry too much!

Do not come near me, or I'll kill you!

Somehow I do not want to live, all interesting.

I ate all the dumplings, you have nothing to eat.

Are not you ashamed to talk like that!

Speaking of pictures, I'm an expert in this field.

Do not consider themselves infallible.

The result of the analysis of my father there.

What is the result?

Oh, not good.


Bet. What we bet?

Sorry, I was wrong door.

What a crazy man!

Why when I started to speak, so just swear?

Do not stick your nose into other people's business. Do you want to die?

He often buys tickets when riding on a bus, subway, etc.

It's disgusting! Economize on small things.

It is immoral.

They are too strong, let us confess to the vanquished.

You shit!

I do not understand why my husband often returned home at night.

You muddle!

The young lady, let's get acquainted.

You're just a psychopath!

How to dispose of these people? They are pathetic.

I dare say that this is not feasible.

Let's bet!

Why do you live foolishly, along with another woman?

I have nothing to inform you!


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