Unique and unusual hotel designer in the Netherlands

Hotel chain «Inntel» has a number of hotels in different cities throughout the Netherlands. Last hotel - in Zaandam - was built in 2010 and is still a spectacle. The hotel is located near the railway station Zaandam and has the status of "4 stars". The hotel looks like a pile of houses that are perched on top of each other.

Nearly 70 separate houses set in the main building, made in 4 shades Zaan region's traditional green color.

The "core" of the hotel is made up of concrete, and "at home" - made of wood and cladding boards.

11-storey building with a height of 40 meters can provide its guests 160 rooms, a swimming pool, fitness center, sauna and restaurant.

"This design can be realized only in Zaandam, - said the representative of the design firm WAM Architecten. - But at the same time it transmits and markedly refreshes the local traditions ».

"Moreover, building a setup specifically for this city».


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