Leadership Lessons from Steve Jobs

From the book by Ken Segall (former employee of NeXT and Apple, who invented a brand iMac) Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success:

1. Simplicity is always better. Quote from Steve Jobs: "One product - one package».

2. Rough effective communication. It leaves no room for confusion and delicate explanation.

3. A good leader should be able to filter the criticism.

4. Small teams work better.

5. Keep minimalism and move quickly.

6. The most important thing - just a name. Apple does not hire external experts in branding from the outside. Names are always coming up in a small group from the project developers and employees of the advertising department.

7. Easy to ensure accessibility. Not "pyatigigabaytny iPod», and "a thousand songs in your pocket».

8. Easy to operate even in retail. In the retail Apple Store coming for design and simplicity.


From the book by Walter Isaacson, "Steve Jobs»:

1. Simplify. Do not even the iPhone manual.

2. Take responsibility. Apple warrants that the customer will be pleased. On the iPad and iPhone applications come only from the official App Store after the passage of moderation.

3. Move forward jumps. Optional invent entirely new things. Sufficient to solve an old problem in a new way.

4. Do not use focus groups. People do not know what they want until you show it to them.

5. distorts reality. What is usually done for a month, must be done in a few days.

6. Appearance of the product should throw down.

7. Strive for perfection.

8. Hire only the best employees.

9. Live contact. Skype and email do not give the right impression.

10. See and the big picture and details. The idea of ​​the computer as a digital hub for iPod, iPhone and iPad appeared at Jobs in 2000. However, he continued to monitor the smallest details in the products Apple, down to the color of screws.

11. To turn science into humanized products.

12. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.

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