The usual trip

Konstantin Ernst got into a taxi.
 - Ostankino! - He said to the taxi driver.
 - Three thousand! - Taxi driver certainly learned a passenger.
 - Why so expensive? - To order Ernst protested.
 - Primetime. - Taxi driver threw up his hands - Plugs everywhere.
 - Agreed. Let's go - Ernst hurry.
 - Sponsor of today's trip - Konstantin Ernst! - The taxi driver said solemnly, - And my wife drink Nescafe Classic. The temptation to taste!
 - We will go or not?
 - Let's go! Skoda - best car! Feel the pleasure of a trip to the Skoda! Passengers and the car insured by ROSNO!
 - We will go today or not?
 - Now - gone. - The taxi driver drove off.
However, after about two hundred meters the car stopped again.
 - Slow safe driving! On the first transfer! Coming Soon! The first! I work hard. Eat cold food. And this is very bad! And now, in order to kill the slight hunger - I have Danissimo !!! Danissimo - and let the passenger wait !!!
 - You izdevetes me?
 - What do you? Now let's go! - Slurp driver - And all this we zapem assets Danone !!! Help the stomach! In the stomach hurricane - accept espumezan !!!
 - I'm in a hurry - you realize it or not? - Almost cried Ernst - I have to work !!!
 - I also wanted yesterday at midnight and eight in the evening to see boxing! And watch boxing all !!! Without breaks your fucking advertising !!! Therefore, sit and sit !!! Let's go! Coming Soon !!! In the first !!!


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