Vegetable garden in the backyard of the White House (4 photos)

That principle and should prove, or rather expect. Happened - people-burgers finally started work on their lawns, but not stupid drink beer and cook barbecue in between plunging into the cool water of pools. With the deepening economic recession in the US, many residents in literally returning to their roots, being engaged in the cultivation of vegetables in their backyards in an effort to save on food advancers.

This year, the number of "homegrown" gardeners increased several times, and some companies have been completed for a core set of seeds of vegetables - such as onions, tomatoes and peppers, reports Associated Press. According to the National Association of Gardeners, well-maintained garden can bring the owner up to $ 500 in revenue each year. According to research company Burpee Seeds, $ 50 spent on seeds, can "grow" in the annual production in the amount of $ 1,250.

Organization of Kitchen Gardeners International has collected 75 thousand. Signatures on an online appeal to President Barack Obama to break up in the White House kitchen garden, so as to apply a positive example for other US residents. And what do you think he went to the plantation his wife Michelle Obamovnu and one consecutive children, to hill a couple of fruit and berry bushes on the White House lawn. And I remember how in the not so distant past was almost a shame to break a bed in the back yard, neighbors would immediately dubbed derevenschinoy and stopped to greet. Whether business crisis :)


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