The "chocoholic" - an annual celebration of taste in Hong Kong

Charity project "chocoholic" was created in support of the Foundation of blood cancer in Hong Kong. Designers at various levels of training presented their creations at the exhibition in the Harbour City, and all the funds collected for entry and sale of art objects were sent to support the Fund.

Posters on the ground floor of the hall

Posters on the ground floor of the hall

Posters on the ground floor of the hall

Also, the objects are placed in booklets and on billboards when organizing an exhibition itself.

Every year you can enjoy all the new products of chocolate. On that only lacks imagination of designers. What stand alone installation!

Bath and sofa, 2013

Teddy bear and cake, 2013

Candlestick and chair, 2013

Bears, the entrance to the pavilion, 2013

The official invitation poster 2013

Harbour City (Harbor City) - the largest shopping mall in Hong Kong which has about seven hundred shops, 50 restaurants and several cinemas. Each year, the Chocolate Exhibition being held here this week. Attracts the best chocolate makers from around the world. You can try everything you want. In addition, the open sale of finished packages of sweets and chocolate, gift sets, but it is optional and even boring when there reigns such a luxury!

Table with products from chocolate. Everything on the table, even the tablecloth, everything chocolate. You can buy and eat!

And now you can see what pleased the organizers in 2014!

Press Wall next to the chocolate rose

Chocolate Handbag

Christmas tree decorated with biscuits Macaroni

Chocolate journey resembles a walk in the magic kingdom. On the tables are placed various objects made of chocolate, it's all you can buy and then eat. It's just a holiday of some!

Table with products from chocolate

Chocolate fountain in the lobby

Chocolate kettles

Handbag chocolate

The second and third floors are reserved for shops, where the chocolate factory and private confectioners present their new collections. Something that can only be bought at the exhibition, and only in Hong Kong. Exclusive Products!

Chocolate sponge on CHRISTOPHE ROUSSEL

Chocolate company PRESTAT

The famous French brand Fauchon. They say that the delicious pasta than this factory, nobody does.

Praline with hand-painted, single box. Coffret Opale

Cookies macaroni from MADELEINE DE PROUST

Of La Maison Du Chocolat, chocolates

Immediately sell T-shirts with prints brands congratulatory words, and just funny inscriptions.

You can estimate the video project, how it happens and it looks in reality.


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