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Interesting and creative tips at home. For example, they do not spill liquid,
when you pour something from a full bottle.
I think everyone had to wash the floor or table, for example, juice,
you accidentally spilled trying to pour yourself a glass of this drink from the full package.
Out of this situation was quite simple:
you really need, just make any wand, for example, sushi (as pictured)
or a simple ballpoint pen to the neck of the bottle.
That's all, so not a drop of drink will not be spilled on the floor.

Just get rid of fruit flies
In order to discourage fruit flies, you will need apple cider vinegar.
Pour some into a glass, add a drop or two of dishwashing liquid and watch the midges will sink into this trap, one after another.

That pizza is not crumbled
Sometimes feel like cooking or once, and then pizza, home delivery, is a very good yield.
Eat pizza, too, is not so easy, especially when the filling falls apart into its constituent parts.
This happens when the pizza was cut immediately after cooking, to prevent "rest».
If you want to eat pizza with comfort, when ask to bring your order uncut.
Better to cut themselves, than to suffer, collecting crumbs.

Soften (and prevent) a burn from hot peppers
Have you ever had to use when cooking hot pepper, and then accidentally rubbed her eyes?
Feeling awful, but burning can be greatly reduced by using milk.
Rinse their eyes and quickly feel relief. If the milk will not appear suddenly, can help out sugar.
In order to avoid such problems in the future, rub in hands a little olive oil after using pepper,
to remove from the skin of his tracks. Then wash your hands as usual.

To butter from the refrigerator better spreadable
Butter from the refrigerator - this stone, which does not want to spread on bread, and wait, especially in the morning, once.
Solution - Cheese grater. Rub butter on bread or toast, and it instantly thawed.


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