Chuck Norris thinks that the United States on the verge of a split

Chuck Norris: "How many more Americans will tolerate? And there will come a time when our leaders finally, we hear the story or write a Second American Revolution? According to the Declaration of Independence American people have a right to change their government when it becomes destructive. I consider relevant words Sam Houston (founder and first president of the Republic of Texas) - We are on the eve of the battle! ยป

Thousands of right-wing groups organized and ready for the Second American Revolution - said the popular American actor and martial artist Chuck Norris. - If things get any worse, I can run for president of Texas. Formally, Texas has never been part of the United States. If the rebellion will lead to their split, Texas should be the first. This can happen faster than we think. If not me, then someone else can run for President Lone Star State, once federal government continues to turn into an enemy of the motherland ...



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