Several scenarios of apocalypse

Before the predicted end of the world there are very few.
Who does not believe in predictions, and there are those who stored
food, medicines. Build and buy bins,
to survive the end of the world.

The end of the Mayan calendar

Scenario: the whole story revolves around the ancient Mayan Indian tribe,
who at one time decided to create a very long calendar that calculated the time right up to our century.
But here's the thing: reason unknown to us creators of the calendar
somehow stopped on the date 21.12.2012 and on your calendar
not continued. And everything would be fine, calendar calendar, well, it was over, but then the cycle begins anew.
We, too, when the world ends on December 31 does not collapse, and silently begins January 1 of the new year.
However, such a doomsday scenario on the theory of the Maya began to gain popularity in the society, especially in pop culture,
where this subject became very much spin.
As a result, this scenario was the most widespread and all other superstitions,
"Doomsday" began to associate with this date.


Scenario: the mysterious planet Nibiru, or
it is also called Planet X, approaching to the planet Earth and face
with her in December 2012, killing at the same time all the living. Or the planet
It flies so close that his force will cause displacement of the Earth's rotation axis
and a global catastrophe.
Another theory is that Nibiru - a brown dwarf, a star not taken place, which is sent to Earth.
When Nibiru will approach as closely as possible - the Earth's gravity is disrupted, leading to disaster.
However, astronomers have to smithereens destroyed this theory, since there are no planets,
stars and dwarfs within reach Earth and there is not in sight,
but even if they did exist, they could already see with the naked eye.

Solar storm

Scenario: Heavy-duty solar flare will cause,
that the incredible force of the storm will fall geomagnetic Earth.
Because of magnetic storms lost absolutely all communications, will break down all devices,
burn down transformers and throughout the world will begin a total black-out,
which will lead to the inevitable chaos and whole civilization will be thrown back millions of years.

The change of the magnetic poles

Scenario: the South Pole goes to the North and vice versa.
What consequences will happen you ask? It's just the magnetic poles, do not worry. But not so:
The fact that the field, which is created by the magnetic poles, protect us from radiation from space. During the pole shift,
field disappears for some time, which will increase to lethal levels of radiation on Earth,
Accordingly, the death of all living things and living.

Galactic alignment


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