Exactly what people are doing, sitting behind the wheel of a car.

Traffic police of the British city of Hertfordshire conducted a study to determine exactly what people are doing, sitting behind the wheel of a car. In the experiment on a small plot M25 were installed video cameras that for an hour and watched motorists.

According to the Daily Mail, 14 drivers of those who drove for 60 minutes is not too lively section of road involved while driving a wide variety of cases. However, their hands are not on the steering wheel. One of the drivers, without stopping, poured into a cup of cornflakes, filled them with milk, and breakfast.

Another - bit off a sandwich with his free hand tuning player installed in the car. The third - to send text messages from your cell phone. Five drivers talking on cell phones, using the other hand to the active gestures. Another driver was dozing, his head in his hands. Two drinking something out of bottles, fully concentrating on this lesson.

Particular attention is drawn to the city police that all perpetrators are men.

Everything happens while standing in traffic jams. All the cars were moving.

"We are horrified by the pictures taken. According to the traffic rules adopted in Britain, the driver should not while driving, eating, drinking, smoking, reading a map, tune the radio and talk on the phone, "- said police spokesman Joel Hickman Hertfordshire.


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