Pets Adoption (13 photos)

Golden Retriever Isabella adopted three white Bengal tiger - Nasir, Anzhik and Xidan. Their mother abandoned them 15 hours after birth.

Emmy - the cat who adopted the little squirrel Rocky. It's funny that Rocky has learned to hum like a kitten.

Katinga - dog with a German farm adopted by a pig Polinhen.

Another mother squirrel - pudeliha Pixie.

Siamese Amanda with her kittens raising puppies whose mother unfortunately died.

Lusk from Hamburg adopted two wild boars Alice and Emma.

Smaygel - a cat, not only nursed her kittens, but four puppies whose mother died under the wheels of the machine.

The little fawn with this photo rescued from the river farmer from South Korea. A dog began to take care of him as a native child.

Chia brings up four kittens.

Koko the gorilla nursed kittens since 1984.

In the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand lives is such a touching family: mother-pig and kids-cubs.

Another family of the same zoo.

In London Zoo lion tamarins live female, who adopted a monkey of another species.


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