Absolutely useless facts

A selection of interesting, but absolutely useless facts. Can be used in a conversation, so that the mind and the knowledge to shine :)

When Einstein innocently asked where his laboratory, he smiled and pointed pen.

Letter «Q» - the only letter that is not used in any of the US states

In spite of all its people, in China used a total of about 200 names.

The shortest war lasted 38 minutes. (Britain and Zanzibar in 1896)

Spotted dogs are born without spots.

Honey is easily digested by the body, as it has already been digested by the body bees.

The rooster will not crow if not pull the neck.

In a world of more chickens than people.

Hit his head on a wall burns 150 calories.

Presley had a black belt in karate. He trained a lot and was considered a very good karate. On the set of the movie "Babe Gallahed" smashing bricks by hand without any doubles, but broke his finger - and in film these episodes, unfortunately, never came.

Cows can be accents, depending on the region habitat

In October 1999, broke away from Antarctica Iceberg the size of London.

10 percent of all foreign-born people are alive now.

In 1924, Ford car cost 265 $.

Do hippos sweat glands secrete red

From bee stings each year die 3 times more people than from the bites of rattlesnakes.

Before the crisis, only 18 countries in the world are richer than Bill Gates

Zebras do not see the orange

One good ballpoint pen can write about 50 000 words.

Toilet paper was invented by New Yorker Joseph Gayetti in 1857

In the 17th century instead of mercury in thermometers used Brandy

Military honor in any country is not given to the left rykoy

Mezhdynarodny dialing code of Antarctica - 672

Orchestre National de Monaco more than his army

Linnaeus did not recognize the microscope and denied its value, and the images that could be seen with it, considered an optical illusion

In the language of the Inuit names for snow syschestvyet more than 20 words.

In Italy kykol Barbie more than Canadians in Canada.

Red blood cells in the circulatory system of the person commits, let's say, "krugotelnoe" traveling ... 20 seconds

Person blinks 10 million times a year

Unique fingerprints are still people besides koalas

The structure of many brands of women's lipstick includes fish scales

When you fly in an airplane, your hair will grow 2 times faster.

To eat a bunch of celery, you will spend more energy than it will get from him

Human DNA is 30% identical to the DNA of lettuce

If you say the word «COLORFUL», it will look for a deaf person as «I LOVE YOU».

Man - the only representative of the animal world, the ability to draw straight lines

Catch phrase from the movie The Foundling "Mulia not nervous about me!" Ranevskaya invented myself. Then repeatedly regretted. Rest of his life "Mula" pursued her, so the boys shouted at her in the street, this phrase first remembered when meeting with her. Even Brezhnev handed to her in 1976 (in connection with the 80th anniversary), the Order of Lenin by way of greeting said, "And here comes our Mulia not nervous about me." Ranevskaya said: "Leonid Ilyich, so turn to me and the boys, or hooligans!". Secretary General embarrassed, and added: "I'm sorry, but I love you very much».

The human eye can distinguish 10 million colors ottenkovё

To sneeze with your eyes open is impossible


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