How to make a garland of balloons (9 photos)

Visual instructions on how to decorate for the holiday apartment.

We took a five-inch latex balloons of different colors. They are inexpensive, pack of 100 pieces cost 66 rubles.
Can take different colors, you can make a one-color garland.

First, it is better to inflate. Immediately cheat a lot. So you do not get distracted.

Then tie pairs. Threads should not be used simply to tie the tail.

Pull the line between two fixed objects. Ordinary fishing line.
Try to make sure that each side has finished garlands, was at least a meter free line.
Take two pairs of balls and place them on the line.

Twist the balls around the line. Proceed carefully so as not to break the line and balls and not to cut.

Turn out to be is such a "daisy┬╗

Well, again tie the two bundles. And again. Gradually begin to lengthen garland.

Finished garland tie where you want:-)
On the three-meter garland took us 132 balls.



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