Room of balloons

Even the most serious in the world, the diplomat will not be able to pass without a smile this room is the maze, in fact it is almost completely filled with colourful balloons. Yellow, blue, pink and white — they instantly lift the mood and is fun.

Here and there, heard the admiring exclamations of wanting to walk around in the tunnels of balloons galore. Incredibly happy children in awe of the maze, and adults will never refuse such an unusual entertainment. The wonder room is uplifting, fun and indeed gives a sea of emotions. The author of the popular ideas of the British artist Martin creed.

The purpose of his mazes is to make the visitors of the attraction of positive emotions and impressions. And creative master it succeeded brilliantly, because to smile among a sea of light balloons, it is simply impossible. The idea of Martin so liked the audience that the idea of the artist gladly took abroad his native England. These rides have been created in Chicago and Cleveland, USA. Those wishing to wallow in a sea of balloons, lining that would be plenty to frolic in early childhood.

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