Underwater photography (13 pictures)

Department of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Miami Rozenshtalya annual competition of underwater photography. The competition was attended by photographers from 20 countries submitted to the jury of more than 600 works. We present our best shots, won first place in the different categories.

1. This unusual photograph of two transparent gobies, the amount of which does not exceed one inch (2 to 5 cm), this year was declared the overall winner, becoming the best of the 600 works underwater photographers from 20 countries. German photographer Tobias Friedrich took this picture, scuba diving off the coast of Marsa Alam in Egypt. (Tobias Friedrich)

2. British photographer Michael Gallagher took the first place in the category "Macro" with this picture, a close-up captures well camouflaged pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti). These creatures are very small (no more than an inch in length), and in the waters of the Western Pacific, usually hide in corals "sea fan". (Michael Gallagher)

3. In this photo Spaniard Jordi Benitez bright nudibranch (Cratena peregrina) floats in the waters off the coast of Catalonia. This photo won second place in the category "Macro". (Jordi Benitez)

4. This image nudibranchs and mantis shrimp, sitting next to the waters off the beach Serayu in Bali, which made Eric Antoniazzi from Malaysia, took third place in the category "Macro". (Erika Antoniazzo)

5. In the two pairing cuttlefish watch their brethren in the waters of the Eastern Scheldt in the Netherlands. This image of the Belgian photographer Luc Rum won first place in the category of "Wide Angle". (Luc Rooman)

6. A flock of fish-Cardinals gathered around the stingrays in the waters of the Atlantic from the Canary Islands. This photo Spanish photographer David Barr Kolonesa took second place in the category of "Wide Angle". David Barrio Colongues)

7. As seen in this photo taken Jackie Campbell of Ireland, the Red Sea in the vicinity of the Sudan is teeming with barracudas. This photo took third place in the category of "Wide Angle».

8. It is not ... a mushroom and a jellyfish from Florida Lake Worth Lagoon, captured by photographer Stephen Kovacs. This photo won in the category of "Portrait of fish and marine animals." (Steven Kovacs)

9. In this photo Florida photographer Susan Mirza fish hedgehog (Chilomycterus antillarum) in Lake Worth lagoon as if smiling. The picture won second place in the category "Portrait." (Susan Mears)

10. This photo frog on the surface of the lake in Belgium, brought the photographer Luc Rumani third prize in the category "Portrait." (Luc Rooman)

11. Laura Rock from the University of Miami, received the first prize in the category "Student Work". Her picture - covered with orange spots triggerfish (Oxymonacanthus longirostris) off the coast of Fiji's Yasawa Islands. (Laura Rock)

12. Another photo of Laura Rock, where she captured the whale shark (Rhincodon typus) in the waters off Western Australia's Ningaloo Reef. The picture won second place "Student works". (Laura Rock)

13. Sinepolosy gubanchik in the left part of the photo cleans Imperial angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) in waters off Fiji Yasawa Islands. This image is also made by Laura Rock, took third place in the category "Student works". (Laura Rock)


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