Fantastic underwater photography

Earlier this year, the artist and photographer (and friend of all Canadians) Benjamin Von Wong decided to travel to Bali to spend a photo shoot of his life. It is an ambitious photographer preparing for underwater shooting among freedivers wreck at a depth of 25 meters.

Shooting was a huge success, and some of the scenes you can see right now, as well as photos from behind the scenes filming. We also show you a video of the scene of the shooting of captured Chindianboy Studios. Video has been viewed about 750 thousand times, it offers to see the efforts that had to make the performance of a complex photo shoot like this.

To capture project background Wong assembled a team that consisted of seven divers and two models freediving: Nora Lee and Camilla Argent. Nora and Camilla can hold their breath for 3:36 and 4:40 minutes respectively. Photographing under water pulls a special set of problems, which von Wong said in his informative blog:
 - Regular clothes can not be hired because the sea water destroys it. That is, it was necessary to find a designer who is ready to part with his collection. (Clothing designer Ali Charisma made).

 - Under the water can not run common assistants, specially trained divers needed to ensure the proper execution of the photo shoot.
 - Perform space exploration will be difficult - need local divers to navigate around the site of the shipwreck and solve problems in unpredictable changes in the weather and the tides.

 - Working with lighting fixtures and equipment will be limited - shooting under water meant that work would have that available either under the camera flashes, or natural light.


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