Soviet Office (22 photos)

Who remembers what we went to school. Or anything used in the office ... well, or whatever they were called during the Soviet era.

1. Foam. Side walls and a wooden partition the canister, and the bottom and the lid of the plastic cover some desks paste.

2. Got this as a gift for "graduation" from the kindergarten, only a ridiculous picture on the cover was different.

3. Penal plastic. Publishes chic "chpok" the sudden opening.

4. Trendy pencil case with Velcro. Basically cupboards across this type of red and Velcro instead he closed the rapidly rip lyamochki.

5. Now go to the contents of the canisters. Ball-point pens. Along the edges of the handle from the most inexpensive, which is most often supplied schoolchildren, second left halves of different proportions - nearly half unscrewed. Third from the left handle from a notebook of some or something like that. Under the short rod. You can use short rod from "push-button».

6. "Pushbutton" handles. Short rod and a projection for the spring. If necessary, a rod inserted into a normal pen is equipped with "Extension" of the match.

7. Pencils. Left clutch pencil. The right chemistry - is blue when wet slate. Second from the right - a pencil with an eraser, it is slightly larger diameter than a pencil.

8. The ink pen. In the late eighties are met except that the post office and savings banks, where they filled out a receipt. And with the release of "wall newspapers" - then instead of the conventional pen used the so-called poster as a second left. Pens used so far, and ink "Rainbow" produced so far.

9. Pencils. Big set of colored pencils "Painting" factory named Sacco and Vanzetti. Pencils in a small set made out of some vague synthetics. Collet also produced under colored slate (larger diameter) can be inserted in place of the lead Serzhen' and used as a ballpoint pen.

10. Legendary Czechoslovak Kohinoor.

11. Set the drawing supplies.

12. Rulers wood.

13. Rulers "special": logarithmic and T-square. Inside the metal rod with a notch, in which the window displays the distance by which the line shifted upward or downward.

14. The range officer. Now these also do, but before they were out of BYSTROGORELKI ™! It was convenient to use the lessons of Russian, emphasizing the wavy line any part of speech there. I do not know whether they enjoyed popularity in mainstream schools - in our class in the military were mostly children. More released "sea" line of large size with a different set of "symbols", for I, too, such artifacts 76-82 shot.

15. Any other rulers, protractors, templates, stencils and so forth.

16. Drawing set 70 years.

17. This stencil font. Produced in different sizes. In the smallest letters were another species than large.

18. Instruction. The material is similar to that made from flexible plate. Actually, "stamped" them at the same factory.

19. Staples, buttons und punch.

20. Two types of calculators

21. Scissors with cover.

22. Folders for papers.


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